Lighten up without the damage. #metaldetox - TLC Hairdressing Lighten up without the damage. #metaldetox - TLC Hairdressing

Lighten up without the damage. #metaldetox

August, 2022

The scientists in the L’Oréal lab have made some seriously big discoveries in the last 6 months.

Did you know that woman (and men) have tiny metal compounds, only visible under a microscope built up in our hair? They are there from our water and the pipes it comes out of and although they are not damaging to our health in anyway, we now know that they can be a huge cause of damage to our hair. In fact, New Zealand has one of the highest levels of metal build up in the world at 53%. Australia 44%, New York 26% and South Africa 46% to give you some examples.
What our incredible L’Oréal scientists have discovered is that these metal
compounds react with oxidization causing tiny explosions in the hair structure creating damage and breakage. Oxidization is the chemical process that happens when an activator is mixed with hair tint or hair lightening powder or paste and applied to your hair. With this new discovery we are now looking at causes of damage from a whole new perspective and we can stop it in its tracks.

In the past we have used bond rebuilders like Smart bond or Olaplex to repair the damage caused by the chemicals used in the salon. Don’t get me wrong, these products still have their place in the hair world and are used a lot by myself, my team and my clients but in terms of damage caused by colour or lightening we are now focusing on prevention rather than the cure. In other words, stopping the damage from happening before the process has even begun.
Metal detox works to remove the buildup of metal in our hair. This is done with a two-step process that is done before and throughout the lightening or colouring process in the salon. The hero ingredient and patented technology in this range is glicoamine. Glicoamine is a molecule small enough to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the fiber and detoxify the hair. Meaning no more metal, no more damage after colouring or lightening the hair. This new patented technology from L’Oréal is giving us longer lasting results with hair colour and lightening services. Stronger, shinier hair and overall better hair-structure health.

Us professionals, especially the ones creating professional use haircare are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall look and feel of the hair. Compared to 20 years ago women and men are doing so much more with our hair, some say that hair colour is the new makeup and even though the hair care technology continues to improve we still find new ways to damage our hair. We colour, lighten, blow dry, straighten, and curl constantly, even the water we use is causing damage to our hair. The fact that we are now able to stop damage before it has even
happened is very exciting to me. Since using metal detox in the salon we have found toners are lasting longer and have a much more even result. Colours are coming out truer than we’ve ever seen them before and the overall condition of our client’s hair has dramatically improved.

The range is made up of 4 products. The first two are a pre colour spray followed by 1 minute hair treatment, both full of glicoamine to remove the metal in the hair. The second two products are a shampoo and masque for your home hair care. We recommend that you use this range alongside your normal home haircare range to ensure you continue to remove the buildup of metals in our hair. I personally use the whole range. I’ll never lighten my hair without the in-salon service and I use the masque and shampoo at home once a week. I love the fragrance and the feel of the products.

So to summarise, we have shifted our focus from cure to prevention and the results speak for themselves. Hair colour is a science and the science behind healthier stronger hair keeps getting better.

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