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Welcome to TLC, Tauranga’s most luxurious, high end salon, where professionalism and pampering meet warm and inviting. You will notice this as you walk through the doors at TLC Hairdressing where our super friendly team are always pleased to greet you. We love what we do and we look forward to creating a new look with you on your next visit. First time with us? We offer free consultation. Get in touch or book now.


Salon Director & Senior Stylist

I proudly opened TLC’s doors in 2015 and the salon has been growing ever since, not to mention myself as a stylist and business owner. Having been in the industry over a decade and a half, I have continued to attend educational courses that help me to keep my knowledge of the industry up to date, including the ever advancing technology behind professional hair colour and hair-care. I believe in truly knowing and understanding you brand. As well as continuing to grow my technical skills in cutting, colouring and styling, I also frequently attend business management and leadership courses to make sure I am the best leader I can be for my team.

Education is so important to me and as the owner/leader. I ensure my team are also attending regular training sessions or educational courses. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, colour and techniques. I believe in education and growth for my team.

I do my best to make sure that my team and I are 100% committed to creating a salon experience in which you feel pampered and relaxed.

Most importantly I believe in a thorough consultation with plenty of advice. The more your hairdresser knows about you and your hair, the better the outcome. This belief is instilled into my team so whoever you see, I promise you will feel listened to and offered home hair-care advice, plus styling tips if you need them. For me, it’s about growing a relationship with your client by listening and catering to your needs. It’s about using art, skill and knowledge, to achieve a look that gives someone outer beauty as well as helping to grow confidence in yourself to be the best version of YOU!”

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We are often looking for new Stylists to join our growing team. Contact Toni to find out more.


Senior Stylist

I was a little late getting into Hairdressing, I didn’t start studying until I was 19 back in 2008. I did two years study at Wintec before I started working in a salon in Hamilton. For the next 8 years I spent my time exploring the incredible world of hair and really expanding my knowledge and skills as a hairstylist. It is such an exciting and limitless industry, there is nothing about Hairdressing that I don’t like. I believe that New Zealand has a very high standard in Hairdressing, and as a senior stylist I do my best to uphold this high standard of work.

Over the years I have attended many educational courses including: colour revolution, colour change, NYC barbering, foundation cutting with Richard Kavanagh, just to name a few. I have also been a Kérastase ambassador since 2016.

Being a blonde myself I’d say my strength is blonde colour work. I also love doing balayage and blended colours plus complete restyles. I love the feeling I get knowing I have helped someone reach their hair goals, plus it gives me another reason to take the utmost pride in my work. Working one on one with clients to make their hair dreams come true is the best part about my job.

I am extremely passionate about healthy hair! A very important part of my job is sending clients home with the correct home hair care and advice, because healthy hair is beautiful hair! I love working with Loreal and Kerastase as I believe in these brands and what they stand for. The philosophy behind these two brands is exactly what we at TLC Hairdressing believe in. Healthy, strong, un-compromised hair with a truly relaxing spa experience is what we are all about. So, working at a salon that shares the same vision and truly believes in their brand is very important to me.


Emerging Stylist

I grew up in Katikati and for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a hairdresser. I developed a passion for the hair and beauty industry at a very young age. In 2017 as soon as I was old enough to leave school, I started my hairdressing career and my love for the industry has continued to grow ever since. I’m constantly pushing myself to learn more skills and gain more knowledge. Trends and techniques in this industry are forever changing and it is important to me to keep up with modern trends and fashion. I love how this job can take you anywhere in the world, all you need is a pair of scissors in the right attitude.

I consider myself a perfectionist and I give my all to every client that sits in my chair. I get such a thrill out of seeing clients walk out feeling beautiful. The girls at TLC really pride themselves on ensuring that their clients hair is always in the best condition it can be, this is great for me because home hair-care is very important and I am always offering advice on how to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Colours are definitely my favourite part of hairdressing, whether it is a stunning blonde bombshell or a beautiful glossy pop of colour. I thoroughly enjoy every part of hairdressing, especially meeting new people and building relationships with them. I am so excited about my career growth at TLC and I’m so happy to be a part of the TLC family.


Emerging Stylist

I was born and raised in Tauranga and have wanted to be a hairdresser for most of my adult life. I would spend hours doing my own hair and always jumped at the opportunity to do my friends hair before a night out. I loved how good I felt when I saw how great the results were when I was finished and how happy it made my friends.

I finished two years of full time hairdressing study at Toi Ohomai at the end of 2021 while working part time at TLC Hairdressing. Once I started full time at TLC, I definitely knew that this was the career for me! I love everything about hairdressing especially getting to interact with new people everyday, no two days are the same in hairdressing. My favourite part would be making people feel their absolute best and putting a smile on their faces.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family and relaxing at home. I am so happy to be apart of the TLC family. I get to work with super fun, supportive and encouraging people and let my creativity shine! Its not a job when you love what you do.

Want to join us?

We are often looking for new Stylists to join our growing team. Contact Toni to find out more.

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